Who is Hang?

Note: Hang is pronounced “Hong” as in “Hong Kong” but written with an -a instead of an -o.

You came here because you are curious about this little person. Here are a few things you can find out:

How I see myself: A world CITIZENWorldCitizen

I must admit, I’m more privileged than so many of my peers: born in Africa, Asian by culture, grew up in European and North American education and I have a deep love for Latin American food, culture and the Spanish language.

Majority of the travels I did on the map below was when I was a kid, dragged across the globe. I didn’t appreciate it growing up but as an adult now, I’m definitely thankful for it!

This is why I was drawn to AIESEC, joined the organization and dedicated a big part of my life to it. These 4 values are what I learned during my experience in AIESEC and it has shaped me into who I am today. And the most important thing: it taught me about DIVERSITY. While volunteering in the Philippines, I learned to work in a different environment and learned to communicate with 5 different colleagues from 4 different countries (Taiwan, Ukraine, Belgium and Poland). But I think my most memorable experience working in a diverse environment was when I had to collaborate closely with 6 other individuals from 6 countries (China, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, France, Ghana and India). I learned to accept our differences and to take into account my colleagues’ cultures and backgrounds to understand their standpoint. It has taught me immensely about when to stand my ground and when to compromise.

What I strive for: self-awarenessSelfAware

I see self-awareness as a journey, not a destination. And to go on a journey, you have to leave your current place: your comfort zone. This is why I constantly want to face challenges, learn new things through experiences and GROW a bit more everyday.

Don’t get me wrong, I am afraid of failing, I am afraid of uncertainty and the majority of challenges I faced have overwhelmed me and brought me to tears. But the first thing in becoming self-aware is to accept that you have fears and take courage to face them. Sometimes, when I can’t face them alone, I ask for help and follow the advice someone once told me: “surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel”.

How I face challenges: I’m solution-orientedSolution-Oriented

Or at least, I try to be solution-oriented whenever I face a new obstacle. In my experience following politics in many countries, I have seen countless political figures always pointing fingers, trying to figure out who caused the problem and what chain of events lead to it. But the reason why those leaders fail their people is because they don’t offer a solution. AIESEC has taught me that there’s no point dwelling on the past. Sure it is important to understand how we got here but since the only way is forward, we need to put more energy into figuring out what the next steps should be to stay on track and get closer to our destination.

Being solution-oriented also means you need to be RESILIENT and deal with the pressure: suck it up and get shit done. I’ve had countless of instances where I just want to flip a table (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ and walk out. But in that moment, I’ve learned to restrict the table-flipping and keep it in my head, let the stress and pressure pump creativity to my brain *pun intended* and channel that negative energy into something positive and productive.

What I’m passionate about: empowering othersEmpowering-Others

While I was in the Philippines volunteering for an NGO focused on growing local social entreprises, I’ve discovered my passion: empowering others and helping them become who they want to be. In helping people, I also learned about their experiences and got to listen to them sharing their experiences with me. That’s the reason I was an AIESEC member for 5 years: because I had the opportunity to help people while growing myself. From helping them improve on their public speaking skills, to helping them understand a bit more about marketing, to just help making their conference experience a bit smoother, I had the opportunity to GROW WITH OTHERS.

This is who I am.

How to contact me

Drop me a message if you want to get in touch!


Any feedback for me?

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