Convenient curry :|: South Africa

The bunny chow can also be referred to as “bunny”. Disclaimer: no bunnies were harmed in the research process of this blog post.

Fire and Cauldron :|: South Africa

Potjiekos /ˈpɔɪkiːkɒs/ or Potjie for short (pronounced “poiki”) is a South African stew. It literally translates to “small pot food”.

Kom ons braai :|: South Africa

Braai /ˈbrʌɪ/ – South African term for a BBQ

“Kom ons braai” – Afrikaans which literally translates to “Come, let’s braai” but the phrase is more like “hakuna matata and let’s eat”.

In South Africa, people love their braais, even more so than Canadians love their BBQs. I once asked someone what is “braai” exactly? His response: EVERYTHING.

Not another food blogger!

Almost everyone know this about me: I LOVE FOOD! Good eating, cooking and trying different recipes of all cultures is a big thing for me. And you might say: “UGH! Another food blogger. Let’s just scroll down to the recipe part”. Well no, you won’t find it. I’m not going to share my recipes with you because most, if not all of them, aren’t mine. Instead, I’ll share stories with you.